When a black car pulls up and takes you to the airport, whether it is one of our drivers or another company’s all things seem to be equal. However, when our price is “x” and theirs is “y” it raises a question. Why the difference?

Often we are asked about our rates and why, our competitors are cheaper or more expensive. It is understandable as we all seek out the best combination of price and value to suit our needs when shopping for products or services. But many times we find that the comparison being made is truly apples and oranges.

Cannes Limo Service is not an indepedant operator, which is very honorable, I started in 2011 at the same stage and proudly drive myself for many years. The service we offer now compare to what I was offering 9 years ago is not comparable, just like the cost of running the company.

In almost 10 years the company has grown and won the trust of many customers, including fortune 500 companies. To support this growth and maintain our quality of service, our team, the technology we use and our vehicle fleet have also evolved.

In most instances we find that price sensitivity is usually related to the cost of basic sedan airport transfers.