Parfumerie Molinard - Historic Bastide & Museum



From Cannes, discover this sumptuous country house where you can create your own perfume.

The tour is four hours.

In 1849, Hyacinthe Molinard opened his store in the heart of Grasse to sell Eaux de Fleurs. Among its wealthy customers, the store received Queen Victoria. Very quickly, his eaux de Fleurs were successful on the international market and made the French craft industry triumph.

its Provençal bastide (current headquarters) whose metal frame of the distillery was designed by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel Tower.

If you're looking for visiting the Molinard's Parfumerie of Grasse, different types of workshops are proposed:


The Classical's Workshop

"Smell, imagine, create your own custom-made eau de parfum at the historic bastide... You will experience the perfumer's gestures and discover the architecture of a perfume, the ingredients that make it up, that match and complement each other, to compose your own! A sensory experience adapted to all audiences, young and old, individuals or groups of enthusiasts. Group sessions up to 20 people simultaneously with our perfume expert. 90 essences, 60 mn, 50 ml, from 10 years old."


The kid's workshop


"From 4 to 8 years old, the budding alchemist composes his creation around 18 essences and personalizes his 30 ml bottle.

An original idea to celebrate a birthday with several guests. Workshop for children of 20 minutes.

- Balloon offered
- 30 ml bottle
- Creation of a personalized eau de parfum"


The fragrance bar

"Choose your Eau de Parfum in a few key steps, standing in front of the Fragrance Bar, experience a flash and playful initiation to immerse yourself in the sensory world of fragrances.

Choose from 3 bases and 6 pre-established notes (floral, woody, amber...); validate your three favorites to build your olfactory pyramid.

Duration 20 mn, 30 ml bottle, from 8 years old"


Our prices for one day at the bastide:

210€ for maximum 3 persons in a Berline

240€ for maximum 7 persons in a Van


Our prices for one day at the bastide and if you decide to create your own perfume:

(These prices include the waiting time for the chauffeur)

1 tour + workshop: Berline 280€ or Van 320€

Please note any additional time caused by a different workshop you wanna participate in will be charged.