Hundreds of companies are operating on the French Riviera. How to be sure to chose the right company ?

French laws requires the following documents to be able to operate a groundtransportation company

  • A registred company
  • Transport License ( ours is N°0006161529)
  • Liability Insurance

Cars and Drivers requirement:

  • Drivers must hold a special license ( Carte VTC)
  • Specific transport insurance for each car
  • Annual car inspection
  • Car less than 5years old and a minimum engine power of 84kw

Monaco/Montecarlo specific law

Monaco applies a rules for all the groundtransportation company. Each vehicules and drivers has to be registred to the Monaco Police and pay an annual fee per vehicule.

Using a driver who do not respect the law will be a major problem for the passenger, en effet en cas de controle, si le chauffeur n'est pas en règle, les passagers devront trouver un yen de transport alternatif de dernière minutes ou partir à pied.