The Cannes Lions, the international festival of creativity


Cannes Limo Services will take care of your transportation.

Going to the Cannes Lions with our stress-free chauffeurs is the most practical way to get there!

No stress about getting lost or catching the right connection, our highly professional and reliable drivers will ensure you get to your destination in a timely and stress-free fashion. Let us take care of the details and make your journey stress-free and efficient.


The reasons you need a chauffeur

The access to Cannes is impracticle because of the flow of peole and full parking lots.

Our chauffeurs know where to drop you off exactly and how to navigate through the traffic. They are chosen from their impeccable attitude and english-speaking ability. Always on time, it is a guarantee. We are at your service.

Thanks to his knowledge of the region, he will be able to guide you and bring you to the right place.

From june 19th to the 23rd of 2023