Great news: we can pick you up from Monaco !


The Monegasque authorities have recently introduced measures to limit the number of badges issued to foreign drivers, which has led to criticism from French drivers. However, these measures aim to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety on the Principality's roads.

In sum, although the situation between Monegasque and French drivers is not directly related to badges, there are regulatory differences between the two countries that can lead to tensions. Monegasque authorities are seeking to limit the number of foreign vehicles on the Principality's roads to improve traffic flow and safety, which may have an impact on French drivers.

However, recently an agreement has been reached. Each driver company will be accredited with two vignettes allowing two drivers to enter the Monegasque territory.Therefore, if you need a transport from Monaco to France, you can count on us ! You just need to let us know at least two hours prior to the transport.